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Review : Red Queen (Red Queen #1) by Victoria Aveyard


“Anyone can betray anyone.”


Wow, this is one of the best book I’ve read. I mean it is soooo amazing. It has power, strange ability, revolution, mutation, betrayals, hot princes, and badass heroine. I think this book is full with the awesome elements that couldn’t go wrong. So where do I start?

First thing first why I read this particular book? Well, it was because people said that it’s like X-Men collide with The Selection. Yup, that much is true The Silvers were like mutants from X-Men, they had powers. And that was the reaspon why Silvers became ‘masters’ and the Reds (normal people with no ability) became their slaves.

Second, the REVOLUTION. I don’t know why but I love books about where the heroine try to fight against corrupt government and in this case, it was a kingdom.

Third, you can say that love triangle is cliche so instead of that, this book give you love square. Ha! Love square, people. I mean there were 3 boys : Cal, Maven, and Killorn that love one girl. I repeat that ONE GIRL whose named Mare Barrow, the lightning girl. 3 HOT BOYS!

That’s my opinion about this book. This book is almost perfect, except for the coincidence about Mare and Mareena.



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