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Review : Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky #2) by Veronica Rossi


“Days were darkened by clouds and the blue cast of Aether. Night were brightened by the same. They flowed together, the edges blurring into an endless day. An ever night.”

It’s been months since Aria last saw Perry. Months since Perry was named Blood Lord of the Tides, and Aria was charged with an impossible mission. Now, finally, they are about to be reunited. But their reunion is far from perfect. The Tides don’t take kindly to Aria, a former Dweller. And with the worsening Aether storms threatening the tribe’s precarious existence, Aria begins to fear that leaving Perry behind might be the only way to save them both.

Threatened by false friends, hidden enemies, and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, Can their love survive through the ever night? (Goodreads)


A good sequel from the first book, Under the Never Sky. From the cover that show us an image of a boy that we assume Perry, we can see that this book’s problem centered on Perry, after all he’s a Blood Lord now. We can see how he survive and adapt his new life as a new Blood Lord. How he have to think about his tribe and Aria in the same time. Poor Perry, people on his tribe not really trust her as the new Blood Lord, maybe because of his age, or his experience. Another problem is that the Tides don’t trust Aria, because she’s a Dweller.So yeah Perry have to face a lot of problems in this book. But there’s something that I hate from Perry in this book, like when he felt jealous of Aria’s relationship with Roar. I mean it’s pathetic to think that Aria and Roar were runaway and that they are together, that will never happen, but still Perry think the possibility of it.

It’s another story for Aria. In this book Aria is getting stronger, now after she realized that she is half Dweller and half Savage she learn to accept and learn how to live as an Outsidder. And her power as an Aud is getting stronger too. She become another Roar’s bestfriend after what they’ve been through since Delphi until the Horns tribe. When I read that she make an agreement with Sorren I thought that is a bad idea, I thought she will fall into another trap but yeah Sorren surprised me when he keep his words. I really love how Aria’s character have grown into a stronger character.

Roar. Poor Roar. He have to face Liv who will mary Sable then after he can talk Liv to go back to they home at the Tides he have to see how Liv sacrifice herself to dead to save him. It’s so sad, it’s like having a hopes up then poof suddenly it all went to down.

This book is so good, it makes me waiting and wanting to read the third book Into the Still Blue. The rating for this book is 4 stars.

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Review : Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout


After a fatal car accident, her gifted little sister brought her back. Now anything Ember touches dies. And that, well, really blows.

Ember operates on a no-touch policy with all living things–including boys. When Hayden Cromwell shows up, quoting Oscar Wilde and claiming her curse is a gift, she thinks he’s a crazed cutie. But when he tells her he can help control it, she’s more than interested. There’s just one catch: Ember has to trust Hayden’s adopted father, a man she’s sure has sinister reasons for collecting children whose abilities even weird her out. However, she’s willing to do anything to hold her sister’s hand again. And hell, she’d also like to be able to kiss Hayden. Who wouldn’t?

But when Ember learns the accident that turned her into a freak may not’ve been an accident at all, she’s not sure who to trust. Someone wanted her dead, and the closer she gets to the truth, the closer she is to losing not only her heart, but her life.

For real this time (Goodreads).

Not sure what can I say about this book. I mean, it’s a good book, well written by JLA but there’s something off in this book. But still I love how JLA describe Ember’s feels, it really got me hooked. It’s like we can feel what it’s like to have a cursed run in your blood. I mean, what would you do if you touch someone and suddenly that people that you touch die? No judge here, but I feel like Ember’s power is like Juliette’s power and Hayden is like Adam from Shatter Me. By the way, Hayden’s character is too sweet. See what I mean here, since 2 years after the accident that almost killed Ember, Hayden always come back to Allen Town just to watch out and make sure that Ember is fine, well it kind of like a stalker since Ember know nothing about Hayden and the Cromwell family but like I said before it’s sweet.

What I don’t like about this book is that we can see clearly that something were off about that English teacher, Mr. Theo. From the first time he talked to Ember and when he gave Ember that coin. The plot twist didn’t surprise me, AT ALL.

The good thing is that I FREAKIN LOVE the cover. It’s what I imagine Ember what looks like, red curl hair with the hoodie she always use to hide her scars and to minimalize the skin, so people can’t touch her directly. Gah, the cover just perfect. And yeah I give 3 stars to this book, sorry JLA I love your other books but this one is just not for me.

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Review : Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


“God gives us the ugliness so we don’t take the beautiful things in life for granted”

When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.
Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all (Goodreads).

DAMN. I’m speechless here. I don’t know what to say, it just …wow. This is the first time I read Colleen Hoover’s book and it’s definitely a good start to read her other books. I can’t really say anything except that this book is really good. I felt like I was reading a fanfic, tho. But no, it’s not a bad thing that I compare this book with fanfic it just that I was enjoy reading this book as much as reading a fanfic. I feel like I was being suck by this story, it drowned me. This book’s full with contradiction, I don’t know why but I just love it.

The difference between the ugly side of love and the beautiful side of love is that the beautiful side is much lighter. It makes you feel like you’re floating. It lifts you up. Carries you.

The beautiful parts of love hold you above the rest of the world. They hold you so high above all the bad stuff, and you just look down on everything else and think, Wow. I’m so glad I’m up here.

The ugly parts of love can’t lift you up.

They bring you





They hold you under.

Drown you.

You look up and think, I wish I was up there.

But you’re not.

Ugly love becomes you.

Consumes you.

Makes you hate it all.

Makes you realize that all the beautiful parts aren’t even worth it. Without the beautiful, you’ll never risk feeling this.

You’ll never risk feeling the ugly.

So you give it up. You give it all up. You never want love again, no matter what kind it is, because no type of love will ever be worth living through the ugly love again.

I’ll never let myself love anyone again, Rachel.


I can say that those words are freaking deep. I’ve never been in love but hell, reading those words I could almost feel it as much as I could almost feel the ugly side of the love itself. Like I said earlier I’m speechless so I don’t even know how to review this book anymore. This book is one of books that make me hangover, but I want to make sure that I give it 4 stars.

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Review : Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1) by Veronica Rossi


“A world of nevers under a never sky.”

Exiled from her home, the enclosed city of Reverie, Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland–known as The Death Shop–are slim. If the cannibals don’t get her, the violent, electrified energy storms will. She’s been taught that the very air she breathes can kill her. Then Aria meets an Outsider named Perry. He’s wild–a savage–and her only hope of staying alive.

A hunter for his tribe in a merciless landscape, Perry views Aria as sheltered and fragile–everything he would expect from a Dweller. But he needs Aria’s help too; she alone holds the key to his redemption. Opposites in nearly every way, Aria and Perry must accept each other to survive. Their unlikely alliance forges a bond that will determine the fate of all who live under the never sky (Goodreads).

One of the great dystopia book I’ve read. If you’re dystopia book kinda girl like me you’re gonna love this book. In this book we can see 2 characters that live in different world, Aria the Dweller girl and Perry the Savage. They have an agreement to bring Aria’s smarteye to Perry’s friend, Marron so he can fix it. Aria’s smarteye is the one wich can help Aria to find her mother in Bliss and it can use as a barter for Perry to get his nephew back whose kidnap by Dwellers.

I just love how their differentce become fuse as their journey goes on. The hate they feels toward eachother slowly turn into something that make Perry rendered to Aria. Aria and Perry learn to respect eachother as a person, more than a Mole (what Perry used to call Aria in the begining) and a Savage.

Aria, one of the best female character I’ve read. She’s not strong but not weak either. She just perfectly fit as girl who lived inside virtual and Realms and suddenly have her world turn upside down and yeah she learn how to live in a world that real. She’s curious about the world and that make sense since she is a Halfy (what Roar called her).

Perry a.k.a. Peregrine, the best character in this book. People may think he’s wild but from what he did to Talon, Aria, and Cinder we can see that he have big heart. He’s a Scire (gifted with strong nose and could breathe and know despair or fear) and a Seer (gifted with uncomon sight) and because he marked by 2 senses people think that he’s cursed (His father was a Scire and his mother was a Seer). He’s a good leader a good uncle and a good friend. And his skill as a hunter is so damn cool, seriously, you don’t want to mess with him unless you want to die.

Roar, Perry’s bestfiend. I love his character sooooooo much. Roar and Perry is a good combination. If Perry is the wild one  Roar is the calm and easygoing one. His love for Perry’s sister, Liv is beautiful yet tragic. I mean he’s an Aud and Liv’s a Scire. People said that if you mix the blood from different Marked you’re cursed and that happened to Perry. And besides, Liv was send by Vale (Perry’s brother), Blood Lord from their tribe (Tide) to another tribe (Horn) to be marry the Blood Lord, and as a barter the Horns will give a lot of food for the Tides.

I give 4 stars to this book for a good setting, and interesting character.

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Review : Grim Das Siegel des Feuers (Grim #1) by Gesa Shcwartz


Since hundreds of years ago, the Gargoyle’ve been hiding from human view. They live as “creatures from another world”. Although not visible to the human eye, but they exist everywhere. Only people with a sixth sense that is able to see where they are. People like this are called Hartide or Forecasters Future. They have superhuman vision. However, these benefits it brings danger, both in the human world and the world of the “other”.
Grim is a Gargoyle. A guard for the creatures of the world. His job is to take care lest people know of the existence of the Gargoyle. This is an old rule that they must comply. Grim completely unaware, what will happen to him, when one day he agreed to a request Moira to keep a boy named Jacob. Moira is a Gargoyle, like himself. Moreover, Moira is his old friend, mentor, once one of the world’s oldest Gargoyle them. But, Moira deliberately violate the rules of the old. He became acquainted with Jacob and gave a codex reads the letters that strange.
Since then Jacob, who is also a Hartide (Predictor of the Future), always being chased by Hybride (half human half Gargoyle). The Hybride apparently wanted to rob the codex. At the critical moment, Jacob gave the codex to his sister, Mia.
Meeting Mia (17 years), an ordinary man who is also a Hartide with Grim reality they were making in those adventures are dangerous. Mia himself realized that he apparently had the privilege to see the future. Together with the Grim Mia decided to try to discover the meaning of the codex. A manuscript which was sealed with fire. (Ufuk fiction)

It’s a great  book, fantasy adventure book lovers will definitely love it. Mia, Grim, and Remis the kobold have a big amazingly adventure form Paris to Roma then back to Ghrogonia, the capital city for Gargoyle that located underground the Paris city itself. On their adventure they will meet a lot of unique creatures that will help them to read the parchment in the fire seal. The big plot twist at the end of  book between Grim – Pedro – Seraphin really surprised me. From the first time Gesa made sure that we, the readers think that Grim is a Gargoyle that was born from a volcano but…. BOOOM almost at the end of the book we will find a big secret about Grim and whats behind all of this mess and war between Gargoyle, human, and Hybrid.

What I don’t like about this book is I can’t really feels the chemistry between Mia and Grim! Their relationship is weird, too plain and too simple. I know it’s not a love story but hey, at least give us a little feels what they’re feeling toward eachother. And when suddenly Mia said that she love Grim, I was like ‘Huh? What the hell was that?’ Just because Grim helped her to find a way to read that parchment and then yeah Mia love him and she wanted to destroy the spell to keep human forget about the war between  human and Gargoyle, that just patethic.

Mia’s character is too ordinary not really great as a female lead character. There’s nothing special about her. And Mia’s ability to do all the magic thing is a little bit illogical. I mean it’s only a couple of days and voila she’s all doing the magic thing.

Grim’s character is still make me curious, his relationship with Moira especially. I mean there’s no explanation why he’ll do everything to keep Jacob (and after he died) and Mia safe just because Moira asked him to do that. I just love his alteration demeanor from time to time.

I give it 3 stars because of its amazingly adventure.

What makes me sad is this book isn’t translate to english. I’ve read the version of this book that translated to Indonesian but the second and third book aren’t translate soo yeah it left me hanging.

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Review : Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris–until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming,beautiful, Étienne has it all…including a serious girlfriend.

But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss? (Goodreads)

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! THE BOOK IS SO DARN GOOD! I mean I finished it less than 9 hours. Seriously, I just couldn’t help myself to stop reading page after page. The story is simple, it doesn’t have a plot twist or something like that. But it seriously got me hooked the entire time I read it.

I just love how the story tell us not only about love between Anna and Étienne, it also tell us the friendship between Anna – Bridge and Anna – Meredith –Rashmi – Josh oh don’t forget Anna – Matt.  Yes it’s full of high school drama, but yeah I can accept that because they’re just a bunch of teenagers, it’s normal for them to have a little drama in their life, right?

But there’s some point that I don’t like, when Étienne explain why he didn’t break up with Ellie becuase he didn’t want to be alone. When I read that part I was like “What the hell is wrong with you, Étienne?” It’s so obvious that Anna is always there with you, what a lame excuse for you to say I tought there’s a big reason behind it.

It’s a light reading book and without a second I will give 5 stars to this book.